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Christian Oth Studio, White Pickled Cedar Floor


Groove Surfaces, LLC is a unique flooring company that specializes in customized composite floor panels using state-of-the-art technology to produce visually stunning surfaces.  By using advancements in digital printing technology and European coating chemistry, we design easy-to-install flooring solutions with a strong focus on quality and durability.  With our highly experienced design team and cutting edge production method, the possibilities are endless.


Our inspiration began with a vision to

create a high performance flooring solution that emulates the unique characteristics and beauty of nature's elements.  We've  integrated years of experience and craftsmanship to provide a combination of products that mimics the look of wood, stone and grass.  Our vast selection of decorative surfaces provides endless options that not only guarantees greater long-term performance and timeless beauty, but also cost savings and a smart long-term investment.


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Groove Surfaces uses top-of-the line materials in every aspect of our production process.  We understand the importance of how crucial high standards are in every element of manufacturing.  We are committed to ensuring you are receiving the highest quality product and delivering results we know you will be 100% satisfied with.  

Our composite panels have been used by top designers for many high-end events, and it's not hard to see why.  Made from the strongest materials on the market, our panels consist of a composite top layer comprised of wood, stone or brick pattern.  We then laminate the panels to a high-grade plywood substrate and coat with a textured top layer for maximum durability and protection. 

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 The Outstanding Flooring Solution You Need for a Quicker and Simpler Installation

Our two-step installation process allows for tedious-free assembly, while maximizing installation time and providing an efficient solution to meet tight production schedules.  This allows you to get the job done right...and on time.  

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Interested in placing an order?  Give us a call today.

1 New Hampshire Ave. STE 125 Portsmouth NH, 03801

(844) 327-8356

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