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Our Story

Inspired by his love for woodworking and deep appreciation for craftsmanship and design, Bancroft Potter began Groove Surfaces, LLC on the belief that quality, ingenuity and simplicity were the basic fundamentals for the vision of his company. With over 15 years of experience in event production, and former owner of two leading tent companies, Bancroft honed his skills with other like-minded craftsmen, where he eventually formed Groove Surface, LLC.

​During his career in event production, Bancroft established a prominent reputation for providing custom quality hardwood floor. The challenge was maintaining its sophisticated appearance while being faced with the affects of humidity, moisture and everyday wear-and-tear.  After 2 years of research and development Bancroft finally created a product rich with sophistication and beauty with the benefits of being water resistant, scratch resistant and slip proof.  His vision has become the solution to the event industry's need for stunning flooring that maintains its integrity from season to season.  



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